Internet legends last a day

In regards to the “Jade Raymond” new internet legend. This is my reaction:

What’s the point here beside a “I hate people” argument? Because this isn’t the internet. This is the world.

I don’t know what happens in the US but if we get over here a pretty woman doing politics then you CAN BE SURE that the image will always come first, that you’ll have plenty of (admittedly questionable) humor and satire about it. It happens the same with writers, actors, journalists, dancers, bankers, whatever.

This isn’t even the byproduct of male-chauvinist society. Women drool after soccer players. Not always because they play well soccer. Women drool after actors. Not always because they act well.

This isn’t the “game industry”, this is everywhere. And I don’t get the outrage. Aren’t movies promoted because there’s Leonardo DiCaprio or George Clooney in it?

Now we sue webcomics because the humor doesn’t correspond to an idea of personal taste?

One wonders what could have happened if instead of Assassin’s Creed she was the producer of The Witcher and agreed to appear in a digitalized form as one of the hookers.

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