Sanya quits Mythic

Sanya joins Lum and Matt Firor out of the door, and I think it’s a good thing (for her, not for Mythic).

Lepidus: Can you talk about the circumstances of your departure?

Sanya Thomas: We mutually agreed to separate.

Mark Jacobs: I’m not going to say anything else on the subject, so please don’t ask, sorry.

The fun part is that Lum wrote a pitch letter for her :)

I consider this a HUGE news. Now don’t fucking tell me that it was just for personal reasons and things with Mythic were all fine and dandy.

I got the impression that Sanya was a bit of a driving force. Bad for Mythic, but Mythic doesn’t deserve anymore good things.

I think it won’t take long to discover where she lands. Maybe on Lum’s belly? (or maybe that’s too far away)

Well, I would, if I were leaving the area. Which I’m not.

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