If you aren’t in Austin you are no one, part 2 (Warhammer 40k)

What did I tell you, hm?

I saw this coming miles away. Obviously from THQ.

I read a while ago that Relic (the makers of Company of Heroes and WH40k Dawn of War) was actively hiring for an unannounced MMO project. Link the dots…

Warhammer 40k mmorpg officially announced.

Problem is that the dots were wrong. I thought Relic was the last good game studios left who could make a decent MMO. Instead it’s not Relic working on this. It’s another FRIGGIN Austin-based studios named Vigil Games.

The team there is led by David Adams, formerly of NCsoft, and is comprised of several MMO veterans from that community. We look forward to making further announcements with more specifics on the game in the coming months.

More incest going on.

From where are these devs leaking? ;)

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