Found the problem with Oblivion CS/Oscuro

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I finally figured how what the hell was wrong.

It’s again that messy Oscuro’s design. I discovered that certain, arbitrarily chosen, NPCs have a spell on them named “ZUnWimpageLesser”. What the fuck.

And that spell is a “Fortify Health” always on that adds exactly those 40 more HPs that I couldn’t justify.

I discovered that Oscuro’s makes a good use of those effects to give NPCs and creatures more health than normal (that produce very silly fights where you have to hit the NPC thirty times before he goes down as things go obviously out of scale). He has five flavor of this kind of spells, used on a total of more than 2k entries.

That’s your “enhanced” difficulty in Oscuro’s mod: unreasonable health boosts. A cheap trick.

Things are also rather jerky as for example you have “boosted” bandits just next to standard ones. So there’s one who can go up to 130/140 HPs, while another has 24. It’s that kind of “random” and inconsistent behaviour that I criticized from the beginning.

I don’t see how this is better than Bethesda’s original design.

In the meantime I also discovered that the “preview” for leveled lists used in the equipment (those that give better armors and weapons to NPCs as you level) is broken as it ALWAYS return level 1 stuff.

This is the reason why I would NEVER give Oblivion GOTY. Game design issues aside I really HATE Bethesda “one and done” patches, completely lack of involvement with the community and inadequate support.

The game still has a bunch of technical issues that weren’t solved (for example the usual “crash on exit” or sound effects getting cut off or not playing at all in certain circumstances, a problem that I saw reported multiple times) and I wish Bethesda would continue to perfect and maybe add a minor features here and there to support the modding community. As Bioware did with NWN.

For example it wouldn’t be too hard to modify the launcher so that you see the mods listed in LOADING ORDER, and maybe enabling “drag&drop” on the list to let the players sort and tweak the order easily. Instead of having to rely on complicated 3rd party tools.

Small things like that would be hugely appreciated and would be a sign of love to the game. But obviously Bethesda cannot be bothered.

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