Do you wonder why Eve-Online development is crawling?

Because of this.

CCP buys White Wolf because one online world is too tight for them (FYI, they HAVE announced World of Darkness MMO at the fanfest).

In the meantime the patch that was expected for early September after countless delays is still far from being released, even with many of its features cut and postponed.

CCP triplicated its staff. While Eve-Online development slowed down three folds. Funny, ain’t it?

Details from an interview with a White Wolf guy:

The established brand that is White Wolf’s World of Darkness will be brought to ‘virtual life’ by the innovative team of programmers and developers at CCP’s Iceland headquarters.

I am sorry the financial details are not for public disclosure

Communication (between the two teams) will be regularly maintained by teleconference and AIM/Various chat programs.

Expect LOTS of spinning as they’ll desperately try to convince Eve players that the development of the new MMO won’t take away resources and focus from the development of Eve.

Of course they will be lies.

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