I like my own cesspit

Signing off from WoW’s boards:

Someone else, like Mark Asher, is ranting about bittorrent and peoples are replying that it’s the best way possible to deliver 2Gb of stuff each time. (THANK GOD that we have a patch every two months!!) As always I’m way too stupid to understand this perspective, you know, I look at the old client on my hard disk.. 1.9Gb.. And I see 100Mb of difference, plus all the possible changes to the data.

Still way, way below the 2Gb mark.

This is a one-time event and we will not be asking people to re-download after this next push. Instead, the data should be solidified and we can just patch everyone instead.

See the english? It’s not mine, I write horrible since it’s not my main language. It’s Katricia commenting the last build. She “promised”? Who cares? Actually she wrote “should”, she’s smart.

Anyway, it’s an excuse to say that they pissed me off beyond every level possible. I’m signing off from these boards, for what is worth.

Blizzard didn’t show any respect for me and other testers and I have now clearly the impression of being used just as an hype tool with which they love to play. It would have taken them TWO MINUTES to let us know that the patch program wasn’t ready and we were going to download again the full client. For me this is about respect and they didn’t show any.

You know, patches fall from the sky the very last minute. They couldn’t anticipate anything.

Goodbye and rejoice: no more annoying feedback from me. Good luck to Mark Asher to survive around here. For what it’s worth.

EDIT: No, I cannot give you my stuff since they wiped all :) Plus this is a “fansite” account, so I still have a duty to accomplish. I’m just stopping to be around these boards.

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