*cheers* Matt Firor (former DAoC producer) leaves Mythic

…to start a brand new studio, it seems. (another one? yay?)

While Lum seems to pay his tribute, as if he owed him a favor.

I don’t really have much to comment since I know nothing about this last event, nor I know how he worked or if he was doing a good work. My impression from DAoC was actually positive about him. But wasn’t him between those strongly supporting “Imperator”?

Reasons? Paint me skeptical:

I know the Internet TRUTH BRIGADES are immediately streaming toward the Batforums with the tolling of doom for Mythic, but, like me, his move was more about location than anything else. Since marrying he was commuting on a daily basis from Hunt Valley, MD to Fairfax, VA. There’s only so much of that a wife will put up with.

I’ve never doubted of Lum’s frankness, this is a first.

Anyway, who cares? That’s the best decision he ever made. I wonder if he was between those applauding.

I can already see a number of Mythic developers following him and jumping ship. With the only difference that, in that case, it won’t be publicized.

Good luck with the new studio. It won’t be easy to start from zero all over again.

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