WoW: Cross-server battlegrounds

Gaming Steve has friends at Blizzard. And he doesn’t skip an occasion to repeat it.

So here some largely anticipated guesses about the cross-server battlegrounds that some of us were expecting and suggesting since beta:

Blizzard is hard at work right now creating new enhanced Battlegrounds servers. These servers will no longer be regulated to a single realm, but cross-linked across Realms to create an diverse PvP experience! Right now they are planning on linking 16 realms together per Battleground server for massive PvP action. You could imagine how this can really help out the Battlegrounds situation, not only will the queues go much faster but you’ll finally get a chance to fight across Realms.

And the best part? This enhancement is going to be released very shortly; most likely by patch 1.12 or 1.13 at the latest.

Then he starts to rave about worldwide tournament when I’m still waiting Blizzard to back up the claims during beta:
After the european launch we’ll give you the possibility to choose where you want to play.

The european launch was one year and a few months ago. The european servers are still inaccessible with an american account. And vice-versa.

Of course the problems of WoW’s PvP aren’t just about the queues. But to understand that you would need to have a clue.

Interesting to notice that he says the expansion release could slip to early 2007.

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