? …. ?! …. ?!!!!!!!

What. The. Hell?!

Omg, omg, omg. Omg!

The fact that I’m moving on to a really fantastic opportunity (which I’m not sure I can talk about yet) also doesn’t hurt.



Southwest. What is there in the southwest?

Yes, it is in the MMO industry, and no, I can no longer use the “I’m not really a designer” copout.


We know it’s not SOE.


[06:32] <HRose> !
[06:33] <DiscoKid> WHAT IS THAT
[06:33] <HRose> I WANT TO KNOW
[06:33] <DiscoKid> EXCLAMATIONS
[06:37] *** JtheYellow is now known as J
[06:38] *** Lum_ has joined #player2player
[06:38] <Pander> what?
[06:38] <Lum_> Note: if you are in maine, EVERYTHING is SW of maine!
[06:38] <DiscoKid> :/
[06:39] <J> lum is in maine now, right?
[06:39] <Lum_> no, but boog is close
[06:39] <Lum_> and he is our epicenter, really
[06:39] <Freakazoid> hi there lum
[06:40] <J> you’re working on MEO aren’t you?
[06:40] <Lum_> Turbine IS southwest of maine, this is true.
[06:40] <DiscoKid> Lum, I will trump you with greenland.
[06:40] <J> I KNEW IT
[06:41] <Pander> MEO
[06:41] <Pander> we already called it
[06:41] <Pander> lum
[06:41] <Pander> you’re working on MEO
[06:41] <Pander> drop your bags
[06:41] <Pander> and then repack them
[06:41] <J> soon to be renamed lumeo
[06:41] <Pander> and go to…
[06:41] <Pander> uh…
[06:41] <Lum_> damn it!
[06:41] <Freakazoid> hey, and some more cool people actually joined this channel too.
[06:41] <Pander> Virginia.
[06:41] <Pander> So
[06:41] <Freakazoid> The world MUST be ending.
[06:41] <Pander> maybe you don’t need to pack your bags.
[06:42] <Lum_> it WOULD make moving easier
[06:42] <Pander> hrose: where do YOU think lum is going, please, rack your brain, tell us all you know oh pontificating hyperventilating one.
[06:42] <Lum_> well, he did say it wasnt SOE
[06:42] <HRose> I wish I had a clue
[06:43] <HRose> because of Georgia’s comment
[06:45] <Pander> THE CLOCK IS TICKING!
[06:45] <Pander> HURRY!
[06:45] <Lum_> btw, Austin is in the southwest
[06:45] <Lum_> that narrows it down to… oh… 30 companies!
[06:45] <Pander> we all knew it was shadowbane 2 hrose, we just didn’t feel like telling you until now.
[06:45] *** J is now known as JtheYellow
[06:45] <DiscoKid> You’re gonna do Vanguard.
[06:46] <Lum_> Someone’s already doing Vanguard
[06:46] <HRose> hmm
[06:46] *** Sachant has joined #player2player
[06:46] <DiscoKid> Kill them and then steal their work.
[06:46] <Lum_> actually right now
[06:46] <Sachant> Congrats Lum!
[06:46] <Lum_> at this moment
[06:46] <Lum_> I am unemployed
[06:47] <Lum_> I HAVE NO MASTER!
[06:47] <Lum_> FREEEEEDOM!

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