SWG NGE producers letters… we are going to do …!

letter1 from Julio

Greetings Everyone

3 months since NGE and everyone hasn’t bailed (yeah!).

and all those demo accounts are really proping up the consumer numbers.

you asked for the NGE and you got it..

this year we are going to Refine, Fix, & Improving The Existing Game

we are going to fix the bugs that have been there since beta.

we are going to test publishes.

say again, we are going to try to fix some bugs.

we arn’t just giving jedi stuff all professions are getting new (non descript) stuff !!

we are gonna force the devs to post on the boards more.

we are even gonna tell you a little about whats going on before it goes live !!.

the producers are gonna post more letters like this one more often, let me hear a yeah!!!!.

Letter 2 from Grant McDaniel

HI, My name is Grant McDaniel

I’m part of the SWG development team.

I’m a Star Wars fan since I was a kid.

i’m excited leading the SOE development team into the future.

This year we are going to add content.

We are going to add stuff to each of the 9 “Iconic” (Trademark) Professions.

We want your support and feedback.

Here a high level outline of what all the classes do.

we are going to fix some bugs this year

The future is bright.

May the Force be with you!
Grant “Rogue_5” McDaniel, Producer – SOE

useful stuff….

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