Patches gone bad

Way to go with the fixing of what didn’t need fixing. From F13, another proof of brilliant game design…

(it reminds me of something)

From the patch log:

Raid & Dungeons
– Molten Core: It should now be very difficult to remain out of combat while fighting the bosses in Molten Core.

Well according to players on the official boards this has also led to a number of serious bugs and nerfs for several class specific talents and skills.

An excerpt:
“Using Hunters to pull and Feign Death if it goes wrong: BROKEN. Now the whole raid will die.

Player suiciding on an accidental or bad pull: BROKEN. Now the whole raid will die.

Rogues and Hunters escaping combat as their class skills specifically ALLOW, for example, when the raid begins to wipe: BROKEN. Now they get put back into combat immediately.

Warrior off-tanks using Charge to initiate their portion of the battle: BROKEN. Now they cannot use Charge after anyone else engages.”

Hunters can not feign death a bad pull and if a hunter FDs during a wipe the boss will be evade bugged until the hunter stands up again. If the hunter does stand up the boss will kill him. Same with rogues.

Also a boss will aggro across the whole instance so when you wipe on Golemagg and there are already players at the entrance he will run through the entire instance training all mobs on your unsuspecting players waiting for the port.

Yeah I wondered what was up with the whole “you are in combat” thing when I tried to charge a mob last night. Looks like their “brilliant” idea to fix the combat-rezzing “problem” was a half-baked as any of SOE’s back in EQ.

“Hey guys, they’re not playing the way we want. They’re holding folks back so they can rez in the middle instead of waiting on the 30 minute rezzes on the 3-4 druids they have.”

“Well we can’t have that.. let’s just flag THE WHOLE RAID in-combat. Surely there won’t be any side effects to that.”

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