Easier Said Than Done

Still on TerraNova someone linked a recent post (12 September) from Raph on SWG boards about the communication with the players and their plans to improve it.

Truly amazing if compared to what happened in the last weeks.


Hey there everyone–

Lots to reply to in the above, but I figured you’re less interested in rehashing the past and more interested in concrete things that we will do to improve things.

I wanted to let you know that I spoke this morning with Alan Crosby, who recently became our director of community relations, about the update process. For those who do not know, the position of director of community relations is a relatively new one here at SOE, one that we’ve been planning on having for a while. Alan’s job is to enforce community policies across all the titles–and one of the first is the update process, which includes the whole In Concept->In Dev->In Testing thing.
I didn’t mean to give the impression that this process is fully in place across all the games, or even working at peak on the games where it is implemented. It’s not. That’s why we have Alan in this position now.

The plan is to have this system roll out across all the games in the coming weeks, and along the way, fix it on any games where it exists but is not being used to its full intent.

To reiterate: our goal is

* prospective changes should be discussed in advance of implementation to gather community feedback
* as implementation proceeds, the changes are documented and posted to In Development as they are completed
* when ready, these detailed notes are posted as a source of information for testing
* when propped to Live, the notes are updated with any changes necessary, and posted as the latest update
* a history of updates is maintained to serve as documentation for added features

As you have pointed out, some of this is not happening. The objective is to make it all happen and become habitual, as soon as possible.

Not everyone seems to agree at SOE.

This confirms my suspects about it being nowhere planned.

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