Against WoW’s communication

Would it really matter the reason why it’s delayed? It could be hardware failure, or last minute coding… who cares?

It helps to personalize the problems. Instead of having a bot that tells you “yes or not”, you have a human being which shares the frustration with you, for a reason. When peoples explain honestly a problem to you you’ll understand better their reaction and what happens.

Unfortunately today’s model in the industry is different. And here I quote J.:

Obfuscation is still an element of relaying the message. Some of the best and most revered communicators of all time have been cheats, liars and charlatans. And then there are those who could talk forever and say nothing of substance, but leave the listeners feeling good enough about themselves to forgive the slight.

The latter get jobs.

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Raph is a MMOG

While babbling on WoW’s beta forums (no I won’t post links since Blizzard wipes the archives regularly):

The fact is that Raph IS a MMOG. Himself.

He “is” a bunch of excellent premises with an upsetting and clueless realization. The starting point has always been excellent and full of expectations.

Exactly as every damn mmorpg. At the end is just more and more wasted potential.

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Sanya’s truth


Beware of game developers claiming that they know what their virtual world will be like in three months. They don’t.

I agree.

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Haemish defines the models’ graphic:

Old EQ models were boxy, but I much preferred them to the shit that came out in Luclin. Half of the Luclin models either had a stick up their ass or looked flamingly homosexual (especially the barbarian men). Luclin’s new models were a mixed bag, mostly full of crap.

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Comments working, kind of

I messed with the CSS and now comments should be usable. There are still many quirks to solve and the preview function is still badly broken.

For today I’m done.

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The “Origin” and the “EA-nd”


My point, adequately demonstrated by others here is that with the kind of market clout EA has, it SHOULD be dominating the MMOG market. It should have the money and wherewithal to hire the right people to absolutely PWN the entire online arena. Instead, they can’t even manage to run two of the most successful PC franchises/brands (Ultima and The Sims) anywhere but into the fucking ground. Their entire online business has been one full of colossal fuckup after colossal fuckup. They can’t blame it on lack of money, or lack of interest in this sector. They can only blame it on their own retardation.

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GBob defines LtM

GBob defines Lum the Mad in an interesting way:

Lum the Mad was riding high with his web site, forcing game companies to engage the player base in a real dialog.

Why I’m pointing this line should be known.

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Co-op games

Interesting quote from WoW’s beta boards:

First off I would like to say as a game City of Heroes is one of the best Co-op online games I have ever played even better then WoW in some ways.

So interesting. As I said CoH isn’t a mmorpg, it’s a co-op game, going back to his home: instanced, cooperative PvE.


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