Come and see a leak of epic proportions (and my website go *boom*)

Part 4 of 4 (123)


1- The feature list I anticipated here is 100% confirmed. All the other fancy leaks you see elsewhere are, instead, FAKE (believe me or not. In a week you’ll see I was right as always).

2- I’m going to edit that post in the next minutes to add lots of more insight infos I got (thanks interweb).

At least if the stress or the cops don’t get me.

It’s all here.

I’m franctically backupping things but I’ll hardly host that here or I’ll go overboard with the bandwidth in two days.

Anyway, if the links go down I’ll find mirrors. The interweb is big.

In the meantime I received my Vanguard beta application invite.

Have a funny leaky day.

EDIT: As explained the screenshots have been removed from this server. The original description was:
“includes more Blood Elves/SunstriderIsle screenshots, Karazhan and Black Morass Dark Portal”

EDIT2: Noone remembers but these new leaks confirm some five months old leaks. Anticipating news is fun and exciting.

EDIT3: First mirror went boom. I’m trying to host the file locally. Expect this own site to explode as well soon (or my bandwidth to go through the roof).

Last minute edit: The expansion feature list I translated here is almost certainly confirmed. The reader who wrote the summary posted on the forum a real photo showing the cover of the magazine. The informations were also confirmed by different sources.

CENSORSHIP HERE WE COME! I just received a fancy phone call from Vivendi asking me to remove the screenshots. The guy who contacted me was actually rather confused and I had to explain that I just collected and organized what I found. Anyway, Blizzard is RAGING and willingly to persecute everyone. The screenshots go down here.

But you are silly if you think you can stop the internet. Even if you have Blizzard’s money and believe you rule this world.

In the Q23 thread the images were thumbnailed and saved on imageshack. The original source seems also still active.

I wish I could still host everything here but I cannot afford the risk to go overboard just because I love mmorpgs and share informations.

Threaten for the win. Blizzard, you won a badge today.

EDIT4: Blizzcon is a thing of the past, so I restore the screenshots I was ‘asked’ to remove:





























































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