Posting the Wrong Thing in The Hive

So I created some mess :)

You, know, posting the wrong thing in the right place. The result is a lot of noise and the Shane guy to wake up:


In case some of you don’t know, I’m Shawn from the interview. (I lurk – that’s what I do.) Let me address something in the hopes of providing clarification on my comments before things get too much further out there.

When I said “possibly” as to when an expansion will be out, that’s exactly what I mean. It is an estimation on my own part – not Blizzard’s official stance. That’s not me saying on behalf of Blizzard “mark your calendars”. The release date is determined not by a game designer such as myself – I can only provide anecdotal information based on my own experiences. An expansion is certainly NOT officially “slated” for any time whatsoever currently.

There are a lot of folks working on the project, and to assume I speak on behalf of the entirety Blizzard as the source of information as to when an expansion will be released (unless I say “Hey, here’s the official release date!~”) is a mistake. It could be out sooner or later than what I estimated, or I could be the Amazing Kreskin and have predicted the date spot on. There are a lot of unpredictable factors to weigh, and there are plenty of factors that frankly I just don’t know based on my position.

Just know that we’re working hard on things here, and are very excited about getting some good stuff out to you all.

Thanks much folks – back to lurking I go.

— Shawn Carnes
Game Designer
Blizzard Entertainment

Since I’m the one to have caused all that noise I’ll justify myself saying that an estimated date from a dev is better than no informations at all. Everyone has the right to discuss this, loud or not, happy or ranting. The discussion is always good from my point of view and never negative. I already explained my opinion.

Now I wonder. When is last time Blizzard respected an estimated release and when is the last time they released a product AHEAD of the estimated release? Just saying. If there are confirmed and official news we discuss those, if there are rumors we discuss the rumors.

Anyway, I wish it was this easy to drag the devs also into the meaningful discussions. Sadly, the discussions between the players and devs are a thing of the past.

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