Cesspit grounded

If you didn’t notice the site went down.

It’s “only” eleven hours that I work on it without moving my ass from the chair. I’ve done all sort of crazy stuff, messed with mysql, started to upload chunks of an old backup to see what exactly broke it.

Nothing. The site just didn’t load. Zero error messages and a blank page that didn’t even refresh without shutting down the browser entirely. I thought it was a security issue since I don’t update Drupal from a few months but now I believe the problem is different.

I deleted everything and put up a backup taken 15 days ago. The site was still broken.

Now I think, after 10000001 experiments and endless upload/downloads/dumps/resets, that something doesn’t work at Dreamhost.

If you can read this now it’s NOT because I nailed down the problem. This is an half broken backup that has at least all my entries working (not the comments, the newest ones aren’t lost and should return as I update the DB). It’s nowhere different from the version that didn’t work. What I did was to change the configuration from php 4 to php 5 and CGI.

And it seems to work even if I cannot pass the right parameters through the .htaccess (like to keep alive the sessions and cookies).

So expect the site to not work. I hope someone at Dreamhost figures out what stopped to work or I’ll have to start building the PHP locally. And I really don’t want to mess with that.

Enjoy this temporary version.

EDIT – The site is back to its last backup and “should” work. If it doesn’t it could be because I’m messing with it or because I just cannot be lucky and more problems must arise. Since it is using another configuration the sesssions will be messed and the site will log out registered users after half an hour. If Dreamhost doesn’t figure out the problem it will stay. I just cannot do anything about it if I cannot pass the parameters through the .htaccess

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