Brad isn’t even close to finish the first that already thinks about the SECOND

OMG, this is retarded:

If you read all the info available about Vanguard, I think it has quite a few features that make it different than previous MMOGs. That said, it was our intent from the beginning to make another fantasy MMOG as opposed to changing theme or genre. Some designers don’t like to do this, but it’s where our passion was and is. On a side note, our second unannounced MMOG that we’re just beginning work on is pretty different.

What the fuck?!

These guys will never learn. Stick to something. Do your best. Mmorpgs aren’t stuff you throw away and forgot, I still have never seen a company that is able to support more than one mmorpg. This one (Sigil) is planning a sequel when the first chapter is still for the most part vaporware.

I pass the last two days discussing how dissipating the resources between different projects is killing these worlds and now I find that this company is already splitting the work when they are still far away from releasing something concrete with the first project.

I guess Vanguard feels already too tight for Brad’s ego.

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