Walt’s interview

I don’t see often Walt Yarbrough releasing interviews but there’s a decent one on IGN that was able to draw my attention:

Walter Yarbrough:
The landmass of the worlds of Camelot has grown throughout our many expansions. So much so that with Darkness Rising, we are consciously trying not to add additional hunting areas to the game, because it does not need much additional landmass at this time. Instead, we are striving to incorporate as much of Darkness Rising into the existing game area as we can, while telling the story of a mounting rebellion through the tasks that the players will complete.

I quote this as a coincidence. In the last hours I wrote endless posts on forums delving exactly on that concept. In particular to catch up the occasion for a confrontation of ideas with Brad McQuaid. The other thread is here.

So I definitely support and appreciate the idea of consolidating the content and finding a definite role for it, melting it with the fabric of the game instead of chasing a mudflated model that just makes a game progressively crumble. It’s the very first time I see DAoC not chasing EverQuest, and that’s good.

It can also be an occasion to revise and adjust the design of some zones or parts of them. DAoC has a lot of “space”, in particular in the older, dull zones. The expansion could be used as an occasion to join the work of the live and the expansion teams and carry over the result to the basic game.

Which is another point I touched in one of the threads I linked:

And about the development, it would be extremely useful to have both teams coordinated and sharing their achievements. So that a possible new technology for an expansion can then be integrated also with the rest of the game through the live team. Using the expansion team to feed up progressively even the rest of the game.

What worries me is that just after the quote I pasted above Walt said that the content will be instanced. Old zones? Instanced? I just hope we won’t finish with holes in the grass teleporting us in new dimensions…

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