Leaked patch notes, again (1.6.0)

From “one of the best MMOG discussion sites on the internet” (and I agree), here are the leaked patch notes of World of Warcraft, planned to go live this week or the following.

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Saved in the case the censorship reaches again the FoH forums (which went directly down, how fun).

Btw, after having read carefully everything I can say that at least the Warrior changes (the only class I know well) are really smart and outstanding. Kalgan may suck greatly at developing interesting PvP models but he is really that good when planning classes. With a few minor tweaks here and there he addressed a bunch of problems at a radical level that seemed just too complex to solve without breaking everything else. Impressive.

Also good the changes to the instances (and the integration of the indispensable CT_RaidAssist). I just wonder, if new creatures detecting invisibility/stealth were added to Strat, why nothing is being done to LBRS? That raid has been DESTROYED thanks to groups sneaking in and bypassing the whole instance just to farm the boss mobs. It’s just impossible to find druids and rogues to join a raid, which makes the whole thing really annoying since the healers are rare even in normal conditions.

Isn’t that issue serious enough to get solved?

And finally the possibility to access the BGs from the capitals. Noooo, I didn’t see this coming from miles away. Quoting myself:

Who wants to bet that the next step will be the possibility to enter the BGs no matter where you are?

And the longer comment where I explain why this decision is just the result of a big flaw in the game:

WoW’s battlegrounds are the manifestation of this process. The game needs insta-ports because the principles on which the game was being built have been eroded to a point that they became completely unexcused. I need to fly from Ironforge to Ashenvale but …why? At the end I’m going into a portal and join a specific instance completely cut-out from the game-world. I do not care what happens in other instances, what I do in mine doesn’t affect the world outside, I do not care who is going to win. The key here is “I do not care”. Everything is contingent, the space is negated, the purpose doesn’t exist. The player isn’t anymore put in a context, he is outside that context, he makes the context and uses it. He makes it up, he hallucinates himself. And, outside, nothing exists, nothing has consequences and nothing “breathes”.

What is left of a mmorpg? The time I spend flying from Ironforge to Ashenvale and vice-versa. What is left of a mmorpg is an unexcused burden that will be ultimately removed. Even in WoW (you’ll see).

I was right again.

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