FoH does the commentary (rickshaw rocks)

That the “meeting stones” are the most clueless design in the last few years isn’t a news. Instead of gathering a summary of the reasons and suggest the correct way (in this case even too glaring) I’ll just paste two comments on FoH’s boards.

Foozle #1:
I have to say after goofing around on an alt and testing these I just can’t imagine how much crack was being smoked to allow these things into the game.

As an example of their brilliance:

26 War & 28 Shaman (Me) duoing SFK decide to click the stone on the way into the zone for fun. Maybe we’ll get someone we won’t kick?

46 Warlock is helping a guildie through SFK at the same time. They invite a 3rd to come in and help.

Newest addition to the warlock’s crew clicks the stone before he enters.

46 Warlock and his guildie are automatically flagged by the “stone” because a group member clicked it.

While the warlock was fighting the Wolfmaster his ENTIRE group gets ‘moved’ into Mine! Their entire group is now in the wrong instance and gets kicked!

They disband and reform and have to do the instance again.

I must say Blizzard this is just brilliant coding.

Foozle #2:
It’s weird that blizz takes this stand regarding this dynamic, rather than cater to “what people do” (which is stay in one zone and spam it, either a hub zone like ironforge or the zone near the dungeon, and ferret out specific classes using the powerful “/who” command).

Seriously now, put a real fucking LFG tool in the game, especially not one based on proximity to the dungeon.

I think the correct dynamic is a tool centered on where people ARE, and not where people ARE TRYING TO GO.

Since I am going to be anywhere in the world, and since people are going to do /who priest 60 and then send a “tell” or “whisper,” let’s make it easier for those who want to be bothered to be bothered, and harder for those who don’t?


It takes various reiterations before Blizzard realizes the fundamentals.

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