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Via J. I learn that another site may join the “payola” blog links. A section where I list mmorpg-related blogs written by actual developers. Ashen Temper is part of the dev team working on Shadowbane and while I do not know him well enough I know he is well-respected. So he writes to J.:

Hey! Well, hell hath frozen over and I started my own website. Anyhow, I plan on doing some game design discussions on there and would love your input on it so if you ever have some free time, check it out:

And some rumors that started some time ago (and I hope false. Because I hate sequels):

Play 2 Crush… Again?

So, a short time ago Ray over at Corpnews did a story entitled “Shadowbane 2: rumors and such” that was based off of a Russian Article (feel free to try and read it, heh). Of course, the Rumor Mill started and I’ve had a lot of people ask me if this is true or not. The fact that I’ve had so many inquiries is great, it means that there is still a desire for PvP Games that are not completely twitch/FPSish and need more tactics than +5 Levels. With that said, I cannot confirm… nor can I deny… this rumor.

Of course, if you are like me and do love to play PvP/Strategy games, I welcome you all to join me on my Game Development forum. Being a developer (and a wannabe Designer), it would be nice to bounce ideas off of people with the same interests. And who knows, maybe those ideas might show up somewhere :)

The site seems rather unresponsive from here but it may be my problem.

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