Half-assed news

The Steam Turbine firstly announced this week that they are going to self-publish Middle-Earth Online, after breaking up with Vivendi. Then someone noticed that the game was also pushed back one year. So now it’s 2006. Better never than soon, call me surprised.

At least when the game will blow up they’ll still have the licence to sell. Smart.

I cannot avoid to notice that some peoples have talent to move between half-assed games. Examples. Calandryll (Ulitma X -> SWG -> Turbine) and Vosx (Shadowbane -> The Matrix Online).

Speaking of half-assed games (better: completely assed). It’s been a month since Mourning was going to launch “tomorrow”. Here’s a quick report since last update.

“As sure as the sun will rise…”

I wrote a few opinions in this thread.

(Krones java buttons are nifty and useful)

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