We have a new blogger

Jon Carver joined the club (and my feeds). He is another Waterthread habitue. Glad to see the blogosphere expanding. We (can I say “we”?) are worst than a plague.

This also allows to point out the best blog ever: Wonderland – Alice’s place. It was linked everywhere recently because she wrote down entire conferences during the GDC. But delve a bit on the site and you’ll get hooked. It’s filled with interesting stuff and she does everything at best. Her site has a sleek, simple layout without confusing frills, she writes concisely and selecting carefully what is worth reporting, she is smart, tireless, super fast typist… and even good looking!

I believe that it’s the best model for a blog today. I think the goal should be about offering simple layouts, easy to read and with selected images to describe the entries. Another perfect example is Joystiq. Reading a wall of text on a screen is tiring, selecting what’s interesting from what isn’t (in particular for prolific blogs) isn’t easy. The images are able to please the eye and at the same time they provide feedback about what is being discussed, helping to define and puntualize a topic.

Anyway, for reference Alice’s blog starts here. If you are crazy like me you can reading it from the beginning till the end.

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