WoW’s Test Server

The Test Server is now public but new players cannot copy their characters. I’m currently downloading the 88Mb patch that I’ll mirror on this site. You’ll find it here (it will take time). I have to say that, right now, Blizzard’s download program is working flawlessly so this time there isn’t really the need for mirrors.

Anyway, if you want to try this test server you have to locate the file “” in the game directory and replace the line:
set realmlist
set realmlist

If you then start the game you’ll begin to download the big, new patch. Do not delete this file because it will be used to revert the client to the previous(current) version and join the standard servers.
Btw, reading the test boards the situation doesn’t look pretty.

Test Forum, Bookmarking for the win.


Our schedule for testing the 1.3.0 patch on the test servers has been extended. We currently plan to have the Test Realms available for testing until Monday, March 21st. As always though, this schedule could change again in the future.

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