PvP honor system – In the toilet

My worst nightmares are confirmed. World of Warcraft wonderful PvP system is going right in the toilet.

They just released a bland design plan. So head there if you want to read juicy stuff because here you’ll see just rants about how clueless and damaging are those ideas for the game.

When these systems are deployed, there will be many more incentives for players to fight each other than just the thrill of the kill.

Say goodbye to emergent systems and tense situations. Please welcome the new Kill On Sight. Goodbye PvP servers. Every player passing by is a nifty Bag Of Improvement. Enjoy the new treadmill.

Say goodbye to goal-based rewards. Gank for the win.

Enjoy the orc spitting on the nigh-elf six levels below and still worth points. Enjoy low lever zerg squads to grind points. Enjoy permanent gank squads in all the zones farming solo players desperately trying to complete a quest.

I anticipate to everyone a 200% increase of the rogue-stabbing population for easy farming of players busy fighting monsters. A two-three members squad will grant a sure success.

Also, your honor points for the week are a percentage of the total honor points available based on your contribution to your team’s overall effort for that week.

The highest rank of 14, for example, will only be occupied by the top 0.1 percent of players (one in every one-thousand characters). You’ll need to fight furiously and honorably to climb up the ranks of our PvP system and keep it up to stay there.

Goodnight casual players. You’ll always be 0.000000001 of the average catass. You can play for two-fucking-thousands years straight and you’ll still be at rank ONE.

Not long ago on MUD-Devs we were discussing where the design should head:
“Designing a game which allows players not to HAVE to play regularly. A possibility, not an obligation.”

Congratulations Blizzard! You just FUCKED UP every possibility of good design. Whohoo!


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