We have a new slogan

This is “competition” (in its classical meaning) at its purest. EverQuest 2 launched a funny advertising campaign based on World of Warcraft. No, really:

Today Sony Online Entertainment would like to invite players from any game that may be experiencing lines to log into their servers, a lack in customer service attention, or a lack of new, free game content, to play the EverQuest II Trial of the Isle demo

That sounds already like a plan. Indeed:

EverQuest II – 325,000 Players Strong, No Waiting

EverQuest II continues to grow at an amazing rate, not just in the number of players that have fallen in love with the game’s rich, entertaining content, but also in the physical size of the world. We’ve got over 325,000 people logging in to our servers every week, with no delays or wait times and the game they are playing is only getting better.

Below are a few reasons why we believe that if you arenĂ¢

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