Got numbers?

Ethic spotted World of Warcraft‘s numbers:

In less than three months, it had already sold over 800,000 copies in North America. With a subscriber base of more than 750,000 players and peak concurrency of over 250,000 users, World of Warcraft is now the biggest online game in North America.


On January 18, 2005, World of Warcraft released in Korea, and in just one day had achieved peak concurrency of over 100,000 players.


Most recently, the game launched in Europe on February 11, 2005, to even greater success than in North America. After just its first weekend, Europe had already hit peak concurrency of over 180,000 players.

Hey Brucie, time to update the charts. And, yes. I was right.

Now lets see how much those numbers will sink in the next months. Because that’s what will happen, even if slowly.

(despite it’s still selling like bread)

I paste here an excerpt from Dave Rickey:

To explain how I get the 440K-550K number, what IĆ¢

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