Dark Age of Team Leaders (and friends)

With the new year also some now DAoC-bashing. This time not from me, but from another former Team Leader: linkage.

If someone remembers, Mythic’s behaviour toward the community was the main reason why I also canceled, even if on the site I’ve mostly wrote my rumbles instead of explaining the reasons behind. A bad habit I have. I explained some more from a broader point of view here.

About the link above: leaving the game and the “privileged user status” because they didn’t hand out freebies is quite hypocritical. But it is not enough to dismiss the relevant arguments:

This last time though, things …. changed. There was a slow, insiduous coldness that crept into things.


we were told that getting in beta early was a reward, that being able to use the TL room tools and being able to have our characters bumped was a benefit.

A benefit?

Helping a company to test their game for them …. basically without getting paid. Putting time and effort into helping their software become better.

And it’s a …. “privilege?”

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