Everyone wants a slice of it

From World of Warcraft’s forum the official announce:

Players in select states around the U.S. may have found that their monthly subscription fee is slightly higher than expected. With the rise of many online subscription-based services, several states have recently begun to apply a tax to services that use such a model, and this tax is an additional cost that players are seeing added onto the base subscription rate.

Specifically, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Illinois, New York, Texas, Utah, and Washington state currently charge this tax, and residents of these states will be affected. We apologize for any confusion this tax might have caused.

I don’t care much because, you know, I live in Australia. But living at the same time in Italy I have to deal with absurd taxes when the game boxes are shipped to me.

As I commented on the forums this is retarded. Internet exists and has its soul in a simple concept: there’s no defined space, no geography. These taxes are a way to look backwards, to “eat” something that cannot be accepted and tolerated by an obsolete system.

Regional taxes are exactly a way to impose a territory in a space that, by definition, hasn’t a dimension, cannot be gathered, blocked, fragmented and mapped. Cannot be confined. Cannot be known. Cannot become a territory with a border and the two spaces (what’s inside and what’s outside).

This money greed is both a desperate and obsessive need to define and confine a space AND a prevarication of the value of money to assimilate even what cannot be assimilated. As an idea, a spirit.

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