Ho ho ho

Drupal is magic.

Custom links now works.

Protected files download now works.

I’m uploading World of Warcraft’s patches again. They’ll be up in a few hours and only accessible to registered members of the site. This isn’t because I want more hits and readers (as explained below) but just because direct links are unmanageable and I cannot waste 140Gb of bandwidth in a day.

To access them just search on the sidebar, below the “categories” section. I’ll edit this post when the files are up.

EDIT 1: I had a few problems with the upload module. Drupal wants me to upload the files through the web browser, which is insane. I found a partial workaround by uploading a file at 0Kb and then hack directly with mySQL to give it the correct dimension and upload the real file directly with the FTP.

Anyway. Tomorrow the patches should be up.

EDIT 2: Both files are up and ready. Only for registered users logged in.

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