6.20AM EST – Currently there’s still a queue on Blackrock, the most popular PvP server in World of Warcraft. This means more than 3200 players logged in just on that server and more waiting in queue.

Right now in DAoC, the total of all the players logged in the 18 servers is 6040.

My warrior on Mannoroth dinged 34. I killed some ogres to then discover that (at level 33) I can kill more easily the level 36 ogres than the level 34. Why? because the level 36 ogres dodge my swing a lot more and that triggers the most powerful syle I’ve available. The more they dodge the more I hurt them. Fun. (expect nerf soon)

Yesterday my free month + bonus days were over. My credit card got charged, the account works. I’m not Australian but they didn’t notice. Good.

I’ve resubscribed two days ago to Eve-Online and I’m impressed. They worked a lot on every part of it and it’s in a considerable better status now (but the game is still the same, beware). I’ll probably have more to say about it soon. The strange part is that I’m currently more hooked by Eve than WoW. Despite Eve doesn’t really appeal me in its focus.

Still, it’s bugged as hell.

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