One bugged guy has crashed the server before

A comment I wrote over at Terranova. It’s mainly about SWG most famous dupe and the stupid reaction of the managment:

Jeff Freeman:
But all the things you mentioned are problems, too. The difference is those things are the result of players trying to play the game, and this was the result of players trying to break the game so that other people couldn’t play it. And they didn’t get banned, they were just forced to stop.

Yes, but a protest must cause a disservice or it gets simply ignored. That’s why in real life you can stop your work causing problems in “customers” during a strike or why manifestations have the goal of blocking roads and things like that.

It’s too easy to create a special room where peoples can go to protest and where they can easily be ignored and laughed at. In fact in UO protests where about blocking moongates.

This is why what the players did is a big success anyway. Because they caused a problem and discussions everywhere. Forcing SOE to deal with this.

Raph Koster:
There really wasn’t much reason for the protest in the first place; the replacement of the word “banned” with “suspended while we investigate” (which is in fact what happened) would have been enough to radically alter the perception of what was going on.

… Really?
It’s ridiculous.

A guy on DAoC noticed that his character was bugged. He reported the bug and he got banned for a week.

A part of the reply from Sanya:
“One bugged guy has crashed the server before.”

Bringing back the issue to SWG:
FIRST you investigate.
THEN you suspend.

Or perhaps even in SWG “One bugged guy has crashed the server before.” ?

I don’t know if I should laugh at this.

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