I seem to be able to just spit venom on DAoC while everyone starts to define me a WoW fanboy.

I tried hard to do some RvR with my level 50 wizard on Merlin in the last two hours but I’m damn bored and got no more than 1k of Realm Points in total.

Part of the problem are the players, the other part is the design of the game. Too much time sitting on a keep and staring at a wall. The real action is like 2% of the whole time. But I also don’t care anymore at trying to discover where the flaws are.

I also noticed that noone even cares to group anymore.

Mezz, root, interrupts … Bah. A stack of problems that noone even cares anymore to consider.

Let’s sleep. I hope to not have nightmares with buffbots.

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