Return of the Crimson Guard – Out in Mass Market (UK)

Return of the Crimson Guard, second book by Esslemont and suggested read after The Bonehunters or Reaper’s Gale, is out in mass market format in UK and available at the usual places. ( and bookdepository)

Even for this version they are going to use the slightly larger format they started to use with the MM version of Toll the Hounds. Sadly.

The real question is whether it will contain the prologue form Stonewieleder or not. The MM version of Night of Knives had the prologue and a few pages of the first chapter of RotCG, but Esslemont had already completed the book, while we don’t have any news about when the next book should come out.

In the meantime the wait for Dust of Dreams continues. It should be out by the end of August and in a couple of weeks the first reviews should come out. The moment of truth.

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