The Naked God: a sexy book

I’ve yet to go past page 20 of Reality Dysfunction (because I read at least a few pages of every book I buy) but decided that I had to buy the third volume.

The risk is that they run out of copies. On (the only place where you would want to buy Hamilton, as the American versions are horrendous, when they aren’t split) there’s only one copy left in total. Volumes 1 and 2 in the trilogy are unavailable in hardcover. Only this one was and it’s the most representative. It’s one of the biggest hardcover ever produced, in my wordcount it stands at 470k words for 1160 pages, 40 lines per page. 1.61 kg of weight. Longer than the whole Lord of the Rings, longer than any fantasy epic I know.

For the value of what’s inside, this is considered, the three volumes together, as one of the best space operas if not the very best. The first two volumes are rated somewhat better and this third one is criticized because it ends too neatly and with a big deus ex machina. Still it looks a worthwhile read and there are good chances that Hamilton will return to this universe when his current project is over.

The complete wrap around cover is one of the best I’ve seen. Elegant, sexy book.

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