Warhammer quick “review”

The thought gathering and writing isn’t going exactly well. In the meantime you get this:

A smaller-scale WoW with a PvP vocation. Neither of its part are particularly brilliant or original but the number of accessible alternatives of gameplay makes it a win.

Got bored with PvE quests? Then go join a Public Quest. Got bored with the Public Quest? Then go join a scenario for some mindless PvP. Got bored with the redundant scenario? Then move to an RvR area and fight for control.

All this right from level 1. It’s fun and extremely accessible.

The fact that the PvP is always just a couple of minutes away means that you always have a diversion ready when you’re bored.

While you’re dicking around your character continues to make progress and grow toward the ultimate RvR endgame. It provides a motivation and makes you go on, without being just progress finalized to itself.

What makes or breaks it: since the varied gameplay is what makes the game fun and strong over the competition, it can also break it. The game is fun if a “fine equilibrium” is preserved. The fine equilibrium depends on players’ activity (having enough players, but not too many, to provide a target-rich environment in PvP).

The problem here is Mythic has no system in place to preserve the fine equilibrium.

If the strength of the game is about varied gameplay, then just think what happens if two/three months after release most players are at the endgame and the low level zones only have an handful of players around. Suddenly the Public Quests stop working, you can’t queue for scenarios, and the RvR zones have no players in them.

What’s left is grind stupid PvE quests that in this game are no better, if not worse, than the competition.

The game could have worked so much better with an adaptable server system like Guild Wars so that players could be chunked by activity and keep all zones always active and balanced around an ideal number of players. As it stands now the game is seriously undermined by that lack of stability in the players’ activity.

Especially in the longer term.

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