Warhammer diary

I haven’t played all that much these days as I kinda expected, but enough to have something to write. Today I started taking notes so that I don’t forget bits and pieces.

I’m currently testing Public Quests and Scenarios specifically to have a better grasp of them. I’m going to write what I think of the game and both short and long term expectations, but I’m still completely unable to see the bigger picture.

It’s not a matter of having enough playtime (I can already comment on client performance, look & feel, controls, polish and so on) but of saying how it really pans out the later game and the actual RvR. Judging that at this stage would be alike judging DAoC’s RvR by playing in the level 10 battleground.

That also something I suggest paying attention to: do not believe reviews at this stage. Especially for *this* game the RvR can make or break it, and whether it is one case or the other it will be only clear a few months *after* release. It depends on players’ activity, RvR flow, motivations and so on. It’s just too hazy to have a precise opinion at the moment.

Anyway, tomorrow the NDA drops.

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