Haemish writes a good rant

Not much to say beside the title. I completely agree with what he says.

But what Mr. Brown seems to be advocating here is similar to the douchebaggery exhibited by Brad McQuaid in his recent f13.net interview about the failures of Vanguard. Both seem to be saying that publishers should just give them one gigantic barrel of money to start with and then leave them alone until the game is done. Milestones, benchmarks, deadlines are BAD for MMOG development because they unnecessarily hamper the development process. This is horseshit, of course.

But the real important point is that the lesson devs seem to learn from failed projects are always the stupid ones. The blame is always on lack of time and lack of money. And WoW provided the perfect excuse for everyone to hide behind.

More money. More time. Even if the design doc was shit from day one or never ever completed.

Imho, some things have to be chopped off sooner than later. Not overstretched indefinitely when it’s already obvious that it isn’t going anywhere and that the premises are all wrong. That’s how you learn. By reacting instead of drifting indefinitely. By facing the truth instead of delaying betas and releases over and over because you fear of getting burned.

Read it!

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