Fattest epic fantasy series just gets fatter

Transword just put up the page for “Toll The Hounds”. Eighth book in the Malazan series, for a total of ten planned.

Official page count for this one (hardcover) is… 944 pages.

Wow. It means that if they stick to the same typeset it’s the biggest book in the whole series. They keep growing and growing…

Bonehunters was 912 (1232 massmarket), Reaper’s Gale 928 (1280 massmarket).

This one risks to break the 1300 pages in mass market.

Can only be good. More to read for me for something that I like more and more (300 pages into Deadhouse Gates, the more I like it, the slower I go). With the hope that the quality stays up and the writing doesn’t become “perfunctory”. For sure the writing in the second book isn’t. Topmost quality.

One wonders if Steven Erikson is human. 1300 pages again written in about ten months. He keeps the pace and never delays. At this point of the year it’s fair to guess he is already 2/3 into the ninth book. And that means he’s almost done. Not only he is one of the few who’s going to actually complete what he planned. But he also planned it so large that he’ll probably stays in history unsurpassed.

In the meantime we also got a first version of another of those illustrations that will go into “Gardens of the Moon” collector edition:

A few imprecisions. If I remember correctly there were absolutely no trees in the area, and Quick Ben is a black man.

You can see Hairlock in the ground, missing his lower body. Quick Ben, the mage, in the center, with the puppet wrapped up in his hands, Wiskeyjack on the right, Kalam on the left, and Sorry in the background. Pat should put a bigger version on his blog later.

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