Jeff Freeman in space

I swear, way too many unexpected things happened today and it was by far the worst day to stop posting. There’s enough material for what I usually write in a whole week. Restraining from writing has NEVER been so hard.

But, come on. At least this: Jeff Freeman works at Spacetime Studios. It’s sort of confirmed.

It was the very first thing I thought as he linked the lead designer blog, that by the way has a GREAT piece on server architecture that ties back to all I wrote about server travel, even recently with the “grid” idea for Fallout, communities and the TRUE impact those choices have. With a wonderful conclusion:

My point is to make it clear to other designers that the fundamental server architecture has an impact on the game in a very real, money-in-the-pocket, subscribers-on-the-line kind of way. Most architecture decisions are driven by cost-benefit analysis: what the programmers can do, how much money and time it will take for them to do it, etc. These are important considerations, but considerations generally made without much a consideration of game design. Game designers may accept the programmer recommended path without considering all the implications that structure has for their game.

That is SO true. Glad that at least someone is looking at it from the right perspective. FINALLY.

Anyway, I had this suspect that also Jeff Freeman worked there (or it would be hard to explain how he knew about this new blog), then I noticed that this guy lists Jeff Freeman under “Spacetime Dev Blogs” (listing Lietgardis as well, but I knew that already). Ehehehe……. OWN3D!

So. Senior designer. And, if I’m not wrong, “Lead System Designer”?

Good luck and everything. You seem to have a good team there ;)

Who’s Brandon Reinhart? I tried googling and got lots of stuff. He even has an IMDB page! Filmography? Lol! He comes too from SOE/SWG and, gosh!, he worked on Duke Nukem Forever!

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