The Brother from Another Planet

Once upon a time I was a child.

Those in the pictures aren’t “toys” but just leftovers of the parquet of the upper floor of this house. After the parquet was finished there were thousands left and they became my favourite toy. One afternoon my parents left me for a few hours to go to a school meeting (I was a very, very quiet kid) and when they returned the floor was FILLED with those kinds of “drawings”. I was so absorbed and concentrated playing with those that it looked like if I was in some sort of “trance”, breathing roughly but calmly.

Sadly I cannot find the pictures where I was playing with the colored blocks that came in various shapes (cilinders, pyramids, arcs and so on..), with those I used to make “vertical” compositions and temple-like buildings. It was tricky because I had to learn balance as a block placed wrongly could have triggered a chain effect and destroy everything.

I feel like I haven’t done anything good since then ;p

“The Brother from Another Planet” is the title of a wonderful movie of an independent USA director.


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