EQ2’s “Echoes of Faydwer” not so bad bundle

I ranted a lot about the price and content of the upcoming EQ2’s expansion, but at least I have also something positive to report:

The retail box for EoF will contain the base game as well as both DoF and KoS.

Well done.

This is the sort of thing I think is more reasonable and that I suggested for years. Put on the shelves a complete product so that new players won’t be turned off by a bunch of purchases one stacked on top of the other to get the complete version of the game.

Seen from this perspective the $10 price raise for this expansion (for a total of $40) is more justified for the full game, even if I think the three “adventure packs” still need to be bought separately. I hope there’s a complete and updated paper manual in the box, even if this time I’m going with a digital download, myself.

It would be nice if the veteran players who have already base game + DoF + AoS could get a $10 discount and get the new expansion at the price of the previous ones.

21 thoughts on “EQ2’s “Echoes of Faydwer” not so bad bundle

  1. I also think it would be both a mistake and a great shame if you stopped sharing your thoughts Abalieno.

    I’ve been reading your ideas for a long time now and I’ve learned a lot as a result. Your ideas don’t exist in a vacuum either – there are many of us who spread the ideas in other places. I’ve seen 3 posts on the EVE-Online forums expressing sadness at your “Dead End”, I’ve seen several posts on the EU WoW forums saying the same things.

    Your ideas and thoughts are an important contribution to the huge debate going on about MMO design and game design in general, and even if few actual devs read your blogs (which I doubt tbh, I think you’d be surprised how far your ideas are penetrating) then the feedback from players of their games who’ve been influenced by your ideas isn’t insignificant.

    Your reasons are, of course, your own and none of us have a right to argue against them, but you will be missed.

    All the best in whatever you do in the future, I hope it makes you happy :)

    Take care,


  2. This is definitely a sad day. Only a few websites have places up on my browser’s bookmarks toolbar. “The Cesspit” is one of them.

    I enjoyed your rambling, your bitching, your excited rants, your wonderful essays and analyzations… I will truly miss it all, Abalieno. I truly will.

    Please, continue posting. At least find a way to post somewhere so that I can read all of your notes. I really loved it. It was always so refreshing to see such a great opinion on the internet, and your ideas and thoughts have always been awesome ones that have stuck with me.

    If you no longer post, then know two things: One, your thoughts have been nothing short of total pleasure to read. And two…

    I hope your dreams are realized and come true.

    Fare thee well, Abalieno. Don’t be a stranger, please, I beg you.

  3. So uh, yeah…this is awkward for me, the first time i’ve left a comment on a site in over 4 years?! So perhaps it means something when I decide to post in response to your decision to stop writing. Take a break if you need to, but your absence will definately be felt. If it really has to be goodbye, please know you’ve been exceptionally talented with what you’ve been doing and I’ve really appreciated it. I have a feeling many more people feel the same way…

  4. I sympathise up to a point. I think you have some great insight and some very good ideas, the problem I think is that this is not enough. I’ve wanted to work in the game industry since I was a boy, and always told myself I’d be brilliant at game design (and I still think I would be). The problem is, offering the industry design ideas is the equivalent of turning up in Holywood one day and insisting you’ll be a movie star if they just cast you in a movie. You might well be right, but it’s not going to get you anywhere.

    I realised a few years ago that if I really wanted to make my dream work, if I REALLY wanted to design games for a living, then I’d have to have a viable skill that I could offer in return. I was a medical student at the time, and I had an epiphany – most of us consistantly take the path of least resistance in life. To affect change, you must occasionally swim against the current. So I quit medicine, changed degree to computer science and decided that my route into the industry would be programming. Only a very lucky few get to walk into a design job – you’re far better off learning a skill that gets you in, and then working your way towards design.

    I’ve still not made it, but I’ve got a good CS degree under my belt, some relevant experience and a great paying job in the meantime. I’m not going to give up, and neither should you – you should just start embracing the realities of your situation, namely that great ideas are common and great implementation is rare.

  5. Think of it this way maybe?

    How would you rather put a recap on your life as? That you always worked toward your dreams. You never gave up, did all you could to get there, but you just couldn’t. (Or maybe you can!) No matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t make it. But at least you knew you tried your hardest gave it your all, and never looked back.


    You worked hard toward your dreams. But thought they where simply out of reach so you gave up. Didn’t push on, didn’t inspire others to do the same. Didn’t accomplish your dreams. Didn’t work toward the thing you loved most.

    I for one will always go for the first, no matter how unattainable they may seem. As they are MY dreams, not everyone accomplishes their dreams, but that is sure not going to stop me from giving it my all!

    That’s my 2 cents. I personally agree with everyone else here, I would be very sad to see you go.

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