On immersion and consistency

Some notes I have taken and that I don’t have time to put into something more elaborate. They are already clear anyway.

Immersion. Immersive is the game that behaves consistently (rules, logic, representation).

Immersive isn’t the game with pretty graphic.

Immersion is seeing a tree. The immersion breaks if you can walk through the tree.

Immersive is the game that flows so consistently that you can roleplay into it with minimum effort.

Immesive is Dwarf Fortress. It’s because it tells amazing stories that follow a consistent logic.

It isn’t immersive exploiting enemy AI in Oblivion.

EQ2’s voiceovers add to the immersion as long they sound appropriate. If they aren’t they damage the immersion more than if the NPCs spoke just through text.

WoW tends to be more immersive than EQ2 because even if its style is less realistic, it is still more polished and consistent overall.

Graphic is immersive as long it appears consistent. “Realism” isn’t a requirement for the immersion as fantasy worlds are far from realistic and, still, can be extremely immersive.

Consistence between the elements represented is what matters more. The selection/choice of which elements to represent is fundamental in game design.

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