WoW “world PvP” more stupid than expected

I written about next patch world PvP additions already. But there are some new details that are unbelievably bad:

Four towers are crucial to establishing complete strategic control over the Eastern Plaguelands. Capturing these towers works very much like a tug-of-war. Control over a tower shifts depending on which faction has more characters with an active PvP flag in the tower’s direct vicinity.

I really didn’t make this up.

To conquer a tower you just need to zerg it and sit around. Combat is optional.

The main purpose of a PvP system is about giving an occasion to fight. This one *discourages* any attempt to actually have a battle. At least in Alterac Valley you had to fight your way to a tower and then manage to cap it uninterrupted. It opened up at least a possibility for an effective defence.

This system instead not only is totally unplayable due to faction balance problems, but it will even encourage the players to avoid each other (the same in Silithus), running away to go zerg that other tower that is left empty. Instead of the heat of a battle it will be like chasing each other’s tails without never actually meeting.

The buff is also quite silly. Why would you need a PvE buff if the second you leave the tower you just conquered to go kill some undeads in an instance the other faction would go cap the tower and make you lose it?

It’s even paradoxical, it’s because of the uselessness of the buff that maybe the players will stop and fight. Or, if the players cared for the buff, the gameplay would be just about the downtime of running from a tower to the other for the great majority of the time instead of actually fighting.

Add this to the fact that the PvP players not only don’t get any faction reward from this, but not even Honor, thanks to those retarded diminished returns that shouldn’t have never been implemented. So, really, this world PvP has no reward outside an useless +4% maximum PvE buff that those PvP players that are supposed to power this system will never take advantage of and care about. And in the practice it’s all about who can bring more people to a fight that will never happen (being outnumbered doesn’t open any alternative possibility, it just leads to players quitting).

If it’s about gameplay and reward, this system does BOTH badly.

I also don’t understand the point of the system used in Silithus. If it’s about which factions delivers more “dust”, then the best strategy would be about doing that as quickly as possible. Why would you instead go kill the other faction players to steal their dust? You can only carry one. So whether you take it yourself from the source or gank a player it’s exactly the same. With the only difference that in the second case you would waste time. Inconsistent design, really.

Have you played that kids game with the players aligned in two rows, with someone in the middle holding an handkerchief and then calling numbers corrisponding to one player for each row? Then the two players called need to run to the guy in the middle and then decide the right moment to steal the handkerchief. If one of the players gets it, the other can run after it and try to touch the player. If the player with the handkerchief reaches its row, then he got the point. If instead the other player manages to touch it, then the point goes to the other group (english name for this game?).

This is PvP. The sense of it is quite simple: there are two players, and only one handkerchief.

That’s the competitive nature and that’s why in this game the two players have to confront directly instead of competing separately. That’s what’s wrong in that mechanic used on Silithus. Everyone can go take some dust from the source. It’s a separated competition instead of a direct confrontation.

Now think to the alternative. Let’s say that only five pieces of dust can be active at the same time. It’s in this case that there’s a reason for a player to go kill the opponent who is running with the dust to steal it. If the player doesn’t get the dust from him, then he wouldn’t be able to get the dust at all. Limited resources, OR he gets it, OR you get it.

It basically would turn into a large-scale capture the flag. Where the two factions fight over those five pieces of dust that need to be returned. So, instead of just fetching garbage, you would have to actually *fight* for it.

Does it make sense?

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