Rule for successful new game development

– At least 30% of the dev team must be female.

That’s a first step if you really want new and different games that also “talk” to a broader public.

How many game companies are respecting that rule? None?

Expanding as an answer to a comment to explain better the idea.

To be fair, game companies don’t get many female candidates – there’s slim pickings out there. Especially if you’re talking about programmers (or were you talking about other disciplines as well?).

It doesn’t matter. the 30% is overall. Programmers, artists, designers. There should just be an overall presence of the other sex so that we can start seeing games from the other perspective.

Male designers pretending to design a female-friendly game are just silly. So we need real women working and be part of the process. We need to valorize them so that they can be part of this industry and improve it.

I’m drawing this idea from the political debate here in Italy. Since there aren’t many candidates, what is necessary is to make a rule and then strive to respect it. Without the rule (like setting a minimal quota) nothing will ever change. So we need to put the premises for that change.

The context of the work, the hours, and other problems in the game industry are very off-putting to women who’d potentially be a great influence on games.

Yes, those are problems. You want new games? Ok, then it’s time to start to solve those problems in a radical way. Or we just lack premises to pretend to make new games.

Before we can pretend to make new games, we need to change how our game companies work. Change must be internal before it can hope to show a different result.

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