Brad McQuaid like John Romero?

So again with The Escapist, I’m reading this description about John Romero and I couldn’t stop to think about it as an omen for Brad:

McQuaid’s game was Vanguard. It was intended to be larger and grander in scale than any videogame ever made, and was heavily advertised as the game that would make you, the player, Brad McQuaid’s “bitch.”

That Vanguard eventually sold 200,000 copies – a smashing success by some standards – is irrelevant. Costing more than $10 million and taking three years to develop, Vanguard would have had to do far more than make you its bitch to have been considered a success. Since day one at Sigil, McQuaid and Co. had set their sights on EverQuest-like sales figures, and in what was certainly the greatest example of star-driven, game industry hubris, had been completely surprised by their failure.

Sigil’s Carlsbad, California office, rocked by political in-fighting (which led to a near-complete walk-out of McQuaid’s Vanguard team) was closed in 2007 by SOE following a bail-out deal in which the publisher had acquired a controlling interest in the hemorrhaging game company.

Hey, maybe it could work like a lucky charm ;p

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