Well and not so well

The work on the site is proceeding well and not so well.

Well because I reworked the layout by deconstructing and analyzing Jeff Freeman’s blog and now the site is more solid, without tables disappearing or moving around in IE. I’ve solved also other issue and the layout is more coherent. I’m quite satisfied with the result, at least till I decide to build something completely new. The engine for the blog is also behaving and at least the comments should work with no problems (when I define the templates, not yet).

Not so well because this blog engine is basically mantained by just one guy and, obviously, the support is near zero despite his constant work. I think it’s a tweak based on Nucleus. The fact is that if he doesn’t answer directly to what I ask, noone else will. So if I hit a wall I have to renounce and go in another direction.

The current layout and progression can be checked here.

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