It’s gonna be a mess

I’ve decided to build the whole site on multiple engines.

PunBB is too lovely to not be used, so it will power the forums on this site (that aren’t used, sadly). The temp path is here.

Drupal will keep powering the news aggregator and it will mantain also a copy of all the articles/news I write, since I can use multiple categories. I won’t use teasers, the page will be always filled by long and short articles together. And it will remain here.

Nucleus/BlogCMS will go on the main page, replacing completely MovableType. It’s a blog engine quite powerful even if a bit messy. The best feature is that there’s a plugin to integrate it with punBB so it’s a must now that I love that forum engine. I’ll go back to use just the four categories but at least I’ll be able to use the teasers so the page will be more readable. I’ll also work on the theme so that it will be a lot less messy and more readable. I could also try to imitate the design of the punBB theme. Right now I’m still fiddling and solving the problems I’m encountering. The temp path is here.

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