Prey “gone gold”, demo out NOW

I’m late reporting this, but the FPS I’m waiting from a long time is finally out to the public.

The official release of the game is planned for the 10 July, but right now the demo is out. The announce about the gold status is expected for later today. The demo for XBOX360 is delayed.

I’m quite excited about this because I always found stupid to release a demo of an anticipated game only when it is already out and in this case it is the first occasion to finally find out whether those innovative features provide fun gameplay or not. My bet is that they do (but I won’t be able to comment till tomorrow since it will take me a long time to download this).

About this demo:

– Filesize is 450Mb.
– The single player portion should be quite consistent with about an hour of gameplay and the first five levels (intro and stuff included).
– Four weapons SP (pipe wrench, plasma rifle, energy gun, critters grenades), plus the bow in spirit mode. The MP also has rocket and grenade launchers.
– Two MP levels (with gravity flipping and wall walking).

Previous coverage about the game: part 1, part 2, part 3.

Two fun things I’ve read in the demo previews (here, and here) about the game and that I wasn’t aware before:
– The game will have just one default difficulty mode that will monitor your performance while playing and “adapting” the difficulty dynamically. When you beat the game an harder difficulty mode (Cherokee) will be unblocked.
– The portal technology also supports different scales. So that your character and point of view can be “resized”, making rooms and enemies bigger or smaller.

And here are the mirrors for the demo:;5175632;;/fileinfo.html


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