Fiddling with the site (and falling in love with a forum)

I’ve worked for various hours on this site. Studying other CMS and installing them on the server to see if I find better solutions.

I tried e107 and my attempt is still active here. There is an incredible amount of stuff in this CMS but it also misses very basic features, like the possibility to group the news entries under the same “day header” and the possibility to classify each news with multiple categories. Anyway it’s probably the best CMS around feature-wise. And there’s also an awesome tutorial to theme it. Not easy at all but very powerful and well documented.

I don’t think I’ll work a lot more with it because it’s one of those CMS similar to PHP-Nuke or PostNuke. A fuckload of features but nearly zero costomization that isn’t about the definition of how a block appears. I want to manage what’s IN the block.

Now I’m working on something else and I’m in love. I found a forum engine that is absolutely wonderful:
Tons of features. Simple. Amazingly fast. No images. Sleek layout.

It’s a dream, it’s really the best you can ask from a forum and more. The engine is called PunBB. You can see it working here.

It has all the features of the most troubled forums engines like phpBB but combined in a perfect harmony that can easily seduce whoever passes by. It’s so beautiful that it’s a pity that I don’t have anything I can put in it. It feels too good to be left like that.

I would love to see a good community using a forum so relaxing, easy to use and powerful.

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